Travel Like a Local: Two-Wheeled Tours in Tahoe, Love in Rio and more

Local Insight — By Tyler Renaghan on June 4, 2010 at 4:48 pm

It’s Friday, it’s June, it’s over 65 degrees in San Francisco and not raining, which means it’s time for the round up of the best posts from our global team of experts.  There’s something for everyone here, and we mean that…if you can’t find something in this round-up that you find mildly entertaining, then let me know and next week I’ll make sure there is something that tickles your fancy.


Las Vegas

Thursday, May 27, marked the opening weekend of Las Vegas’ annual World Series of Poker®. Buy-in for the first bracelet event on Friday, May 28, was $50,000.00–the largest ever.

– 2010 World Series of Poker


Standing in the middle of the sidewalk is a no-no. When looking at a map move out of the way of the walkers coming up behind you.

- How to Walk in Florence

San Francisco

It’s summertime in the San Francisco Bay Area, and while you aren’t sure you want to go swimming when its only 65 degrees out, you sure as heck aren’t going to miss seeing the Pacific Ocean close up.

– The 5 Best Beaches in the Bay Area


If you’re moo-ving around the Margaret River region, three hours south of Perth, between March and June you may notice life-size cow sculptures abound. The CowParade Margaret River is an international event held in over 50 cities…

- Holy Cow! Five Reasons…

Rio de Janeiro

If you’re heading to Rio in the next few days, be prepared to enounter lots of lovestruck couples with that faraway look in their eyes. The Brazilian version of Valentine’s Day, Dia dos Namorados (which roughly translates as Lovers’ Day is fast approaching…

- Love is in the Air in Rio


Likewise, you should be aware of the unspoken drinking guidelines that are customary in Shanghai before your visit. Here are a few of those cultural tips to help you acclimate quicker to Shanghai’s nightlife culture.

– Drinking in Shanghai


Football fever has found its way into the city’s culture in more unusual ways, however, including a contemporary art exhibition and outside the Royal Danish Theatre’s Playhouse, where World Cup coverage meets the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in World Cup Jazz.

- Summer of Jazz and Football

Lake Tahoe

Boy, does Tahoe have mountains. And where there are mountains, there are mountain bike trails. Every area of the lake has mountain bike trails for all levels. The most popular being…

– Two Wheeled Ways to Tour the Lake

New Delhi

It’s the Loo, they say. You look around, don’t see any such amenity, smile politely, move on. You take a few more steps in the sweltering June heat of New Delhi and meet another local. He too smiles helpfully. You smile back. How do they still keep cool in this 100 degree plus heat, you wonder.

- The Delhi Dictionary

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