Dollar Fares into Gold: New Zealand Frequent Flier Collector

Travel News — By Molly McGonigle on June 11, 2010 at 7:33 am

Well, here’s a new way to make save money and get to travel at the same time. One unemployed traveler is picking up as many $1 Grabaseat fares from Air New Zealand as he can. Why? He wants to gain gold status while he has the time to travel on off-days.

Where has Lindsay Kum visited for just $1 plus tax?  Hong Kong, LA, all over New Zealand, Australia.  Even crazier, sometimes he only goes to a place for 6 hours–just enough time to drop by and check out a new city. Through August, Kum has 20 more trips planned. And by that time, he will have status points to be a gold member.

Being a gold member includes relaxing in the Star Alliance airport lounges worldwide, fewer baggage restrictions, and two free upgrades. These two upgrades are exactly how Kum plans on getting to London for a trip later this year.

The head of marketing for Grabaseats, Sunil Unka said, “People feel like they have won the lottery, especially with the $1 seats, so for him to be able to successfully grab as many seats as he can, then all the best to him.” 

[Image: NZHerald]

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