Dita Von Teese Painted on Side of Virgin Atlantic Plane

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on June 22, 2010 at 6:18 am

37 year-old Heather Renee Sweet, better known as burlesque star Dita Von Teese, was born the second of three girls in the humble Michigan town of Rochester to an average American working-class family. She began her rise to fame around age eighteen, when her career as a glamour model and burlesque performer began in California. And now, everything else is history.

Von Teese’s umbra of experience includes hundreds of photo-shoots for a variety of magazines, including Playboy, frequent burlesque performances, fashion consultant, model, and friend to the stars. Most recently, her self-made-self caught the eye of the noble Sir Richard Branson, billionaire, space navigator, island owner, and emperor of the Virgin Empire, and now an image of her towing the Union Jack is painted on the front nose portion of one of Virgin’s 747-400 airplanes to celebrate ten years of Virgin air-travel between Vegas and London.

Her Twitter feed laconically detailed her experience at the unveiling. “I’ve never actually walked on the wing of an airplane before,” she wrote. Richard Branson, in an interview following the event, remarked that “This if the first time that the flying lady [airplane] has ever had a celebrity makeover and Dita is obviously the perfect choice – I’m sure passengers will love it.”

No word yet regarding if Von Teese’s image on the airplane will speed-up or slow-down the jet’s travel time, but when it comes to beauty, fashion wins over function.

[Image: dailymail]

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