Green Holidays Week: Contest for All-Expenses Paid Trip From The UK To Rhodes

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on June 30, 2010 at 2:24 pm

The Travel Foundation has declared the week of June 26 – July 3 as Make Holidays Greener Week. And like OasisOverland, we think every week should have this designation. But this is certainly a great way to highlight it and bring attention to green travel.

The Travel Foundation is posing a challenge: do at least THREE of their simple green holiday tips the next time you go on holiday. Some of their tips include:

  • Buying locally made souvenirs and eating/drinking in local cafes and restaurants
  • Respecting the local culture and traditions by wearing appropriate clothing and reading up on the place before you visit
  • Using water sparingly by taking short showers and reusing towels and bed linens
  • Booking excursions with local tour guides and local suppliers
  • Turning down/off air conditioning and turning off the TV (instead of leaving in standby)
  • Refraining from buying products made from endangered or wild animals and plants

If you pledge any three of their tips you can enter the Holiday Village Rhodes Competition to win a holiday to First Choice’s new and greener Holiday Village in Rhodes. The prize is valid for a family up to four and includes seven nights (all-inclusive), flights and transfers, and must be taken between August 1, 2010 and August 1, 2011. Flights will depart from one of 12 UK airports.

Good luck!

[Image: Loozrboy / Flickr]

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