Traveling in Style – Paris Hilton Style

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on July 27, 2010 at 11:30 am

When it comes to personal finance, life is a series of choice based on what you can afford. Do you go organic and shop at Whole Foods everyday, or do give your bank account a break and shop at Safeway?  Are you cruising around in a luxury-brand car, or are you sticking to a more affordable compact car? When you fly, do you choose coach, or do you fly in Sheldon Adelson’s private, luxury, Boeing 747 – a plane that would set the average airline back about $270 million?

Ok, so the last choice would probably bust anyone’s budget – that is, unless you are singer, socialite, and Hilton hotels heiress Paris Hilton. No word on where she gets her groceries or what she drives, but it’s clear what she flies. (In other words, it seems to pay to rub elbows with Adelson.) Hilton’s Twitter account offers followers a clue into what life is like for her, especially when she’s on the road. Her uploaded pictures show her sitting aboard the private jet, equipped with bars, leather couches, king-sized beds, and everything else you would expect in an airplane owned by a billionaire.

The Daily Mail also managed to follow her around the World Cup. Her recent wanderings saw her in trouble yet again, this time for possession of marijuana while in attendance at the Brazil-Netherlands World Cup match. In the end the charges were dropped, and that little bump in the road didn’t deter Hilton from enjoying her travels, which took her from the United States to Paris to London and wherever else she desired.

While the World Cup is long over, that hasn’t stopped Miss Hilton who seems to still be enjoying her time gallivanting around the globe. We just wonder if Sheldon Adelson wants his 747 back?

[Image: Daily Mail]

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  • Carlos Trabold says:

    Paris is beautiful she’s my idol and she is a wonderful role model i love her


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