iPhone Accessories You’ll Never Need – Unless You Want To Be Laughed At

Travel News — By Ben Van Loon on August 9, 2010 at 3:05 pm

In the modern world, there are two types of inventions. There are those which are truly innovative, and often created by individuals and teams of exceptionally talented people.

Then, there are those which can hardly be called inventions at all. Rather than employing new technologies, they are objects created merely to supplement already-existing technologies. ‘Car-Phone’ holders would be a good example of these kinds of ‘inventions.’ ¬†Travelers are inundated with stuff like this – just take one look through¬†SkyMall.

We’ve talked about how the iPhone is an excellent travel companion, and with that comes the multitude of accessories for it– some more useful than others. This week Mashable released a list of 10 different iPhone/iPod accessories which are as practical as they are ridiculous.

First on the list is the iPhone TV Hat. Much like the Laptop Burka, the iPhone TV hat sports a suggestively long hat brim, at the end of which dangles an iPhone. On the sides is a face-covering shroud, so you can watch a movie without the people around you looking over your shoulder, and possibly laughing at you. Plus, since everyone will eventually be wearing these at the airport, you’ll fit right in.


Or, for the mobile photographer, you also have a selection of camera tripods/zoom-lenses for your iPhone. Aside from looking ridiculous, it would make more sense to use the money you spent on this accessory to go out and buy an actual camera. [Ed note: touche!]


Finally, you have the iPhone gadget holster. It straps under your arm like a hidden gun holster, but instead you can dock your iPhone, wallet, and emergency epinephrine injection. With this holster and the TV hat, you’re well on your way to becoming the ultimate tourist stereotype.

[Image: crenk.com]

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