Around the Web: Tour Guide Confessions, Emergency Slides, Fernet

Around the Web — By Amy Widdowson on August 13, 2010 at 11:46 am

I know I mention the weather in San Francisco all the time. I know the majority of you who frequent this ‘web log’ do not live in San Francisco. I know that talking about the weather is about as exciting as talking about, well, THE WEATHER. Unfortunately, the gray skies of San Francisco haven’t relented, and the crew here at NileGuide is getting a little batty, and not mentioning it might tempt the weather deities that have socked us in.

I digress… here’s what’s been happening this week!

  • If someone walked into NG HQ, hit me on the head with the keyboard they brought with them, and didn’t listen to my repeated requests to not stand on top of my desk while I work, I would probably activate the emergency slide as well. [Gawker and, well, everywhere]
  • There are few things more sacred than enjoying a drink from those tiny airline liquor bottles, but be forewarned – there are rules! Learn ‘em, love ‘em, live ‘em. [Esquire]
  • These Confessions of a Rome Tour Guide are worth it just for the description of a drunk, jilted groom suggestively licking gelato. [Budget Travel]
  • Hey – I know some of you have vacations coming up, and some of you are looking for reading that isn’t Twilight. Check out this list of 100 Best Travel Books Ever Written []
  • We love Spud Hilton, as he is a generally awesome human being. We especially love him when he’s yelling at “self-obsessed twits” who break carry-on baggage rules. [SFGate]
  • Mike Barish came to visit us. In addition to enjoying NG Drinks at the Pour House, he ate cookies from Alexi, rode in an oldsmobile, and drank Fernet with NileGuide staff. [Twitter]

Finally, thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Pour House on Polk for our inaugural Travel Happy Hour. We had a blast hosting Mike, and had a great time meeting all of you and chatting about what is happening in the SF-based travel world. Keep your eyes open and ears at the ready, as we’re hoping to host more soon.

Photo of NileGuide Staff chowing down on Liba Falafel courtesy of Amy Widdowson – who wishes she had falafel right now.

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