Crooked Cabbies Beware: New iPhone App Takes On Taxi Fares

Travel News — By spencerspellman on September 27, 2010 at 11:30 am

Everyone has a story of how they’ve gotten ripped off during a trip abroad. Whether a victim to airlines, a street performer or market vendor, most of us have a story to tell. One of the most common places for this to happen is to the hands of taxi cab drivers. The Daily Mail reports that one such iPhone app tackles the issue of getting ripped off by taxi cab drivers.

The app was designed by a company in the Czech Republic to prevent tourists in Prague from getting ripped off by cab drivers. Unlike many metropolitan areas around the world, Prague taxi fares aren’t clear cut and many people don’t realize they’ve been ripped off until the cab driver has taken off. This has become a significant problem in Prague, but with this new iPhone app, tourists will be better equipped when traveling around the city.

The app is multifaceted for Prague travelers. It used GPS to measure the distance of the cab ride to calculate what the fare should approximately be. Travelers can then use this as a judge when they’re given the total– almost like a virtual taxi cab meter. They can also use the app to get tips and recommendations, as well as take a photo of the cab’s identification plate and report the cab for fraudulent activity. The Daily Mail states that hopefully this app will give public transportation a better image in Prague.

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