Say No to the TSA Scanner, Say Yes to the Frisk

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 2, 2010 at 11:30 am

The TSA body scanners have gotten a lot of criticism over the last few months. As flying continues to get more and more cumbersome, it’s becoming more and more difficult for travelers to enjoy it. Unless it’s in the bedroom, people really don’t prefer a strip search; even if it is just “virtual”. However, with new TSA regulations and upcoming holidays, you can say “no” to the body scan, and instead get a pat-down from security.

With reports of holiday travel increasing this winter, travelers could be in for a long season of traveling. As more scanners are added to airports, they are making the security process longer, rather than simplifying it. As the Consumer Traveler discusses, TSA is taking screening a step further by introducing a new type of “pat-down”, which those who decline screenings can certainly expect to receive. This is not the light brushing that disabled travelers may have once received, but an extensive pat-down that covers all the parts, literally.

These new changes will probably put a dent in any holiday traveler’s plans. Since this enhanced screening extends the security process, it certainly adds the amount of time travelers will need to make their flight. Whatever your experience or destination this winter, expect the unexpected and give yourself some extra time to make it to the gate.

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