Magnetic Ski Lift Keeps Kids Safe, Allays Parental Fears

Travel News — By spencerspellman on November 12, 2010 at 10:00 am

As skiing has become an increasingly popular sport around the world, especially among children and teenagers, the inevitably safety questions and concerns arise. These concerns haven’t been about skiing itself, but instead they are about ski lifts. Get a fidgety child on a small ski lift and you can only imagine the consequences. However, according to Switched, there’s new technology out to make them more safer for children.

As parents have advocated for more safety on ski lifts, companies are starting to listen by offering new means so that children can feel safer and parents can be less stressed. One such new technology is the MagnestickРa magnet for ski lifts that holds children to the seat. Kids will be able to wear a small vest with a series of metal plates on the back, and when they get seated in the lift, the magnet activates itself and holds the child in place. Once the child gets to the top of the ski lift, the magnet deactivates and the child can safely get off the lift.

Children are often terrified when riding chair lifts and this will bring some much needed comfort and safety to both children and their parents. Many resorts around the world are using the new Magnestick lifts, with the highest population of them being found in France.

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