NileGuide 5 with Sue Lang, Our Contest Winner!

NileGuide 5 — By Rachel Greenberg on November 19, 2010 at 1:00 pm

We really couldn’t be any happier that Sue Lang won our Travel Like a Pirate Contest. She’s a stylist from Treasure Island, Florida (really, we can’t make this stuff up) who cannot wait for her tropical getaway.

Sue was kind enough to answer our NileGuide 5 questions, and from her responses we think it’s pretty clear our winner has a ridiculously fun-loving attitude about travel. Not like we needed any more convincing, but after reading about Sue’s silly airport antics and smile-philosophy, we know she would make an amazing travel companion. Aruba, here she comes!

What’s the most underrated destination you’ve been to?

I was born in Italy and came to America as a baby. So when I finally made it back there it was more than I ever dreamed it would be. I love the markets and all the haggling, and the food of course is a wonderful journey for the taste buds, and OH THE WINE!

I will always treasure and remember the people and the country-side, especially the Amalfi Coast.

How do you kill time when you’re stuck on a bus or plane?

I usually bring travel magazines and search for places I want to visit– it’s a big world! I also read mindless “travel” novels or play solitaire. At times I get lucky and have someone interesting to sit and chat with.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen or experienced traveling?

While traveling to Belize with my eight month-old son to meet my husband, I was waiting the Miami airport with some friends. Although my husband said that we should keep a low profile, I figured a drink before the flight couldn’t hurt to pass the time. One drink turned into an in-depth conversation with my friends at the airport bar, and the next thing I knew they were calling our names over the PA system. We RAN to the gate, baby being held like a football under my arm, proceeded to the BACK of the plane, hitting everyone with my big hat and suitcase on the way down, all with a crying baby in-tow. Although most passengers didn’t speak English, I could still hear how annoyed they were with us in their voices.

We finally landed and I told my friends to wait until everyone else got off the plane, since we didn’t want to inconvenience the entire flight again. But to our surprise hardly anyone got off. All of a sudden the attendant announced we were getting ready to depart…next stop Honduras. Yup! We hit everyone once again rushing OFF the plane.

I told myself no more deep conversations or airplane bars until arrival next time — unless I make sure to grab a drink close to my gate!

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a new destination?

If I exit onto the tarmac, I take a deep breath, smile, and think to myself: I HAVE ARRIVED AND I’M READY TO PARTY! Whether it’s New York City or some island getaway, I find that going to a local pub or bar and ordering the popular drink in that region is a great way to get started learning about the culture AND having a great time.

If you could give one tip or piece of advice to travelers, what would it be?

Smile, Smile, Smile. It is amazing how far a smile will take you. Sometimes getting to your destination can be challenging, but keep that smile on your face and trust me, you will get there, and you will keep your energy up and be ready to enjoy your trip!

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