Bedbug Travel Advice: Travel to Idaho

Travel News — By spencerspellman on December 1, 2010 at 10:26 am

With the holiday travel season in full-swing, there are a few things that are on the forefront of traveler’s minds, including but not limited to; TSA frisks, making their flight on time, and new to this year’s travel scene, bed bugs. Originally a New York City phenomenon, bed bugs have obviously migrated around the country and are gradually infecting beds from coast to coast. However, a new travel tool may just be your savior from that bedbug itch.

Enter the bed bug registry, a new interactive travel tool, which according to CafeMom is the latest defense against bedbugs. No patch or cream needed, as the bed bug registry shows you a map of where there’s the highest incidence of bed bugs in the U.S. [Ed. note: Eww]. Anyone can report a bug(s) by submitting the hotel and location of the incident. Reports are uploaded into a database, which then show the highest incidence of bedbugs on a map.

In accordance with what the media has reported, according to CafeMom, the highest incidence of bedbugs are in the northeast, specifically in larger cities, including New York. If you really want to escape bed bugs, the fewest numbers of reports are in the Northwest, in many of the not top-of-mind states to travel to, such as Idaho. However, we should add that there is no way to confirm whether submitted bed bug reports are true. We have not received any returned phone calls from Idaho hoteliers about whether they are maliciously submitting erroneous bed bug incidents in New York City to drive tourists to the Potato State.

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  • Blair Stover says:

    Bed bugs are starting to appear everywhere, even in top hotels. When getting to your hotel room make sure you check the sheets and under the mattress for little black specks. If you see that you might have bed bugs. Have your room switched and make sure to let the staff know why you are switching. Also never place your suitcase or clothing on the bed as the bed bugs can easily get on those and then be brought home with you.

  • Bed Bugs Extermination says:

    I assumed bed bugs were a thing a long time ago, how come we now having this type of serious problem across the country with these kinds of pests?


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