Anonymous Traveler Asks: How Do You Feel About Airline Re-branding?

Travel News — By Zain Iqbal on December 3, 2010 at 3:01 pm

Ok, so you may have read the headline and thought to yourself; “Really, NileGuide? Is this all you have for me today? Airline rebranding? Where’s my post on abandoned theme parks?” Believe it or not, there are a decent amount of people out there who have pretty extremely strong feelings when the products they’re loyal to undergo a retool. Sometimes it’s quite subtle, such as Facebook revamping their format so it felt more like Twitter (remember those days not too long ago?) Other times it’s more of a drastic change, such as the merger between United Airlines and Continental airlines.

It just so happens that some very loyal United customers aren’t too happy about the new design. So much so they’ve made their feelings clear on forums like FlyerTalk and even on YouTube videos showing a United 777 undergoing a paint job:


(HT for the video: Booker)

The comments range from “wow, yuck” to “I think part of me just died” to “I cringed when they painted over the [United] tulip.” Our submitter, a very loyal United customer in his own right, had this to say:

As long as they keep my glass of cheap red wine refilled in First Class, who cares?

Well, not ALL of us can fly first class, but I get what he’s saying. After all, I don’t worry as much about what color the plane is painted as much as I worry about getting from Point A to Point B. What do you think? Does a piece of you die when your favorite airline goes under, or undergoes a re-branding? Let us know!

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