Developed Neighborhood Found to be Graveyard of Sphinxes

Travel News — By spencerspellman on December 8, 2010 at 11:30 am

It’s not everyday you wake up to find a herd of sphinxes being dug up in your neighborhood, but that’s just about what residents in Luxor, Egypt found. The archaeological discovery is unlike your typical find. This wasn’t just a few bones or carved stones, but 12 large sphinxes that were found along a modern, developed road in Luxor.

The discovery is but one of many that have been found in the area. All total, pieces of over 800 sphinxes have been discovered and archaeologists have dubbed it “Sphinx Alley”. According to the Daily Mail, it’s believed there could be several hundred sphinxes still buried in the region. The road is believed to have been a major transportation route, possibly dating back to the fourth century.

As the Daily Mail reports, most of the sphinxes were not completely intact, with many of them missing heads. The process of excavating the area has taken years, as residents had to be compensated in order to move and find new homes before archaeologists could start digging. The sphinxes will be displayed beginning in in early 2011 in an open-air museum. So the next time you’re in Egypt, head over to Luxor and do a little excavating yourself.

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