What Do You Collect When You Go On Vacation? How About 1,760 Spoons?

Offbeat, Travel News — By John Curran on December 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

Dieter Kapsch has 1,760 spoons, and they’re all part of a collection stemming from his vacations to various places. Specifically, the spoons are part of the silverware given out to diners on airline flights, mainly back when airlines still offered meals, according to the Metro. And metal silverware, for that matter.

Stemming from 447 different airlines, each tells a story, and like many collectors of baseball cards or other memorabilia, Kapsch says that he’s looking to collect all the different silverware options, though he’s had some help.

“My friends love my collection and they’re very supportive – they have added to it a lot,” he told the newspaper. Since starting 12 years ago, though, he’s got to be pretty close, and working as a flight attendant himself can’t hurt.

We wanted to put the question to our NileGuide readers: Do you collect anything from your trips? Share with us in the comments.

[Image: Lisa Jarsson via Flickr]

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  • ~j~ says:

    Interesting! Like Dieter Kapsch, I do have a couple of airplane cutlery souvenirs. Just for kicks.

    Besides that, I’m just trying to build a ‘bell’ collection from different places I visit. The other weird stuff I collect is ’tissue paper’. Yes, you heard it right. If I visit a restaurant/cafe/any place for the first time, and if they have their own printed tissue paper, I keep one for myself writing the date on it. Sometime, I’ve had friends scribble over them as a keepsake. Unfortunately though, that collection is sort of misplaced 🙁

    Collecting stuff is fun as long as you have the space to store it safely and the patience to keep at it.

  • Sonja Holverson says:

    I used to collect entrance tickets from all over the world. But after a few decades and many re-locations across oceans, I’m not sure where they are. Perhaps at my brother’s house in Nevada with my high school poms poms and other memorabilia?
    Now I collect friends and email addresses. It’s much more interesting, easier to show, and also very compact.


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