NileGuide’s Travel Industry Predictions for 2011

Travel Tips — By Amy Widdowson on January 3, 2011 at 1:56 pm

This article initially appeared as part of the larger Tnooz Gen-Y Collective – it’s short and sweet, but we wanted to share.

  • Mobile and E-Readers: Yes, we’ve heard (and said) it before – anyone not actively pursuing mobile opportunities will fall behind. With the iPad/tablets, e-books and smartphones, the relationship between a traveler and travel planning is changing. An annotated schedule is a thing of the past for most – geolocation allows for on-the-spot travel decision making.
  • Local Knowledge and Q+A: Tnooz mentioned this in coverage of our funding – what is the role of voice, story, and authenticity while under increased pressure to monetize? For us, we’re making improvements to our Local Expert Program and are optimizing our Ask Locals functionality while still watching the bottom line. We’re always asking: what is the most efficient way to provide authentic local travel recommendations?
  • The Economy: The Great Recession altered habits: budgets were cut, companies merged, and the landscape of travel tech changed. We haven’t fully recovered, and the next 12 months will tell us what’s going to happen next. Indicators like profitable year-end reports from airlines are promising, but we’re not out of the woods – travelers need to regain their confidence as consumers, and organizations in our space need to have the financial flexibility to take risks.

Fancy bubbles photo courtesy of e_calamar/Flickr

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