The Future of Airport Customer Service: Holograms?

Travel News — By Morgan DeBoer on February 7, 2011 at 11:28 am

To shorten security lines, improve customer service, and make passengers feel like they are in a Star Wars film, Manchester and London Luton airports have introduced holograms at their bag check queues.

Manchester unveiled their two holograms “John” and “Julie” on January 31st and a few days later “Holly” and “Grahm” (I’m not kidding) were introduced at Luton.  The goal of both is to brief passengers on security rules which will hopefully decrease wait times. The airports claimed to not be aware that the other was developing such similar technologies.

The technology for Manchester’s images, modeled after real-life employees John Walsh and Julie Capper was created with Musion. Luton’s were designed by Tensator.

Manchester Airport has already impressed the transportation world with its technology. They were the first airport to use full-body image scanners and in 2010 they held trials using biometric eye scanners.

The virtual staff will improve customer’s experience by reminding them of security requirements like the ban on most liquids. According to Julie Armstrong, of Manchester Airport, posters and people dressed up like deoderant cans aren’t enough; maybe holograms are the answer.

–> Feature Image: Gary Bembridge/Flickr

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