Is a Traveling Stuffed Animal an Acceptable Substitute for Real Travel?

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on February 14, 2011 at 2:47 pm

So it might not be quite as weird as the fetish “furries” (as seen in such popular shows as Entourage and CSI), but it’s kind of on the same list. According to the Metro UK, the latest trend out of Japan sees stuffed animals going on travel vacations. Those unable to afford travel these days are packaging up their favourite stuffed toys and shipping them off to Europe. For around £60, the toy will “enjoy” a 6-day all-inclusive packaged tour.

How do the owners know their stuffed animal is having the time of their life? Why, of course, 10 photos are sent home along with a CD with more pictures of the toy enjoying activities such as beach lounging, touring museums and galleries, and visiting monuments and mountains.

Postcards are also sent home, and those who want to follow along their footsteps can do so on a Facebook page that is created to blog about the daily activities of the stuffed toy. Barcelona Toy Travel spokesman Daniel Bacho said,

We will obviously take clients from anywhere but it seems that the Japanese are the ones that are most in favour of the service. Well over half of the toys that visit come from Japan with most of the rest from China.

[Image: lovely lemur / Flickr]

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