Afflicted: 11 Abandoned UK Asylums “Open” for Exploration

Featured — By Rachel Greenberg on February 18, 2011 at 6:00 am

10. St John’s Lunatic Asylum – Bracebridge Heath

Image: ricklus/ricklus/Flickr

St Johns opened in 1852 with the particularly lengthy name “Lindsey and Holland Counties and Lincoln and Grimsby District Lunatic Asylum”. Initially intended to hold only 250 patients, it was enlarged multiple times and renamed every time. In 1989 the last patients were moved out of St John’s and the entire estate was sold to a housing development company. Although they turned half of the asylum into housing, they weren’t able to touch many of the gorgeous old administrative buildings, which are protected as historic landmarks.

Image: ricklus/Flickr

Image: Grim_Photography/Grim_Photography/Flickr

Image: L-plate big cheese/Flickr

Although the exterior of these buildings is in pretty amazing shape, the interiors are another story. Almost everything has been stripped from the inside . The three things not to miss? The hospital’s massive water tower that still stands next to the asylum, grand double staircase, and the amazingly-still-intact intricate wallpaper covering many rooms.

Image: ricklus/L-plate big cheese/L-plate big cheese/Flickr

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  • C says:

    Definitely captured a time in history.

    A bit eerie. I often wonder how another feels capturing the energy from such photos.

  • Chris says:

    Spooky photo’s in beautiful buildings.
    Such a shame that the buildings are left to rot.
    The Deva (chester) building i have first hand knowledge of, The brickwork /masonary is beautiful.
    But it was a damn cold building

  • Static says:

    I was committed once. But they couldn’t contain me because I am a Vatican assassin…a rock star from Mars. I’m shootin’ poetry from my fingertips over here, and I’m not bothering to ask questions later. That’s what happens when you have tiger’s blood and you snort a big ol’ pile of Charlie Sheen.

    btw, thanks for the honorable mention in your Pirates vs. Ninjas article! 8D


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