Dog-Friendly Travel: iPhone Apps for Pets, and More

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on March 1, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Some of us can’t bear the thought of being separated from our furry counterparts for a full vacation. In addition, kennel fees can be absolutely ridiculous, especially for long-term trips.

Fortunately, some iPhone apps can actually help you travel with your pet, or at least ease the separation anxiety. Here are just a few:

1. PawTrotter – Not sure where you can safely take Fido without bothering other people? PawTrotter lists more than 130,000 dog-friendly locations in the United States, such as parks, beaches, hotels, vets, grooming parlours and pet shops. You can search for a location, or have the app pinpoint nearby spots. If something is missing, add it yourself!

2. Camp Bow-Wow Camp Bow Wow is a dog boarding and daycare center in Canada and the USA, but its app is pretty genius: once you check your dog into the center, you get to watch him or her play via webcam. It’s pretty easy to trust an organization when you can literally watch them on the job.

3. Off Leash – Another one for the dogs, this one uses GPS support to find the 5 closest parks, and then gives directions on how to get there. If you know a park not listed, you can submit it yourself!

4. PetMD – Yes, like WebMD, but for animals. PetMD has apps for both dog and cat emergencies, all written in clear, straightforward information. It covers everything from broken bones to allergic shock…but you should probably still call a vet.

5. Pet Notebook – If you’re on the road with your pet, you don’t want to carry around their latest medical records or a ton of other documents. This app stores all your pets’ info, including medication and latest vaccinations.

Or hey, you could opt for the virtual pet and carry him or her around in your pocket. Much easier.

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