How to Cure Hangovers Around the Globe

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on March 3, 2011 at 10:16 am

Most of us have been there: You’re in a foreign country, you meet some friendly hostel patrons who want to party their faces off, and you have a rubber arm. The local drink, however, knocks you out like a punch in the throat, and the next thing you know you’re singing Celine Dion at a karaoke bar and crying into the host’s shirt. You certainly don’t want to spend all of the next morning in bed.

The food and drink of choice to cure hangovers varies from place to place. In Canada and the USA, you might find yourself frying up a heavy breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, sausage, and buttery toast, then washing it all down with 5 cups of coffee. Or you’ll opt for a full dinner of nachos, poutine, wings, and anything else that has the potential to take 10 years off your life. Drinks of choice include water, soft drinks, fruit juice, and the electrolyte-replenishing Gatorade.

Other places get a little more creative (thanks Planet Green).

Tripe Soup from Turkey – Tripe is a soup made from the edible part of a livestock’s stomach, cooked with garlic and cream. That’s right, a creamy, garlicky, cow stomach could ease your own queasy stomach! Delicious.

Deep Fried Birds from the Romans – This might be an Urban Legend, but it’s believed deep fried canaries were used by the Ancient Romans to relieve those wine headaches. We know how given the Romans were to wine, so who are we to judge? Seasoned with a little oil, salt, and pepper, they were like the equivalent of our chicken wings. Except with a head…and the rest of the body.

Pickle Juice From Poland – Yep, pickle juice contains antioxidants, healing salts, and minerals all believed to cure hangovers. Also sure to freshen your breath.

Hair of the Dog – Here’s an idea: if you wake up with a hangover, keep drinking alcohol until you’re drunk again. Voila! Hangover cure. In Namibia, people drink Buffalo Milk to get over their hangovers, surely more effective than the popular Bloody Mary. No, it’s not real buffalo’s milk; it’s a drink with ice-cream, rum, liqueur, spiced rum, and cream. Layering your stomach with a heavy, creamy drink might seem counterproductive, but hey, anything is worth a shot. (Get it, shot?)

[image: flickr/Tom Baugis]

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