New Chair for Gamers Makes Long-Haul Flights Fun

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on April 14, 2011 at 11:23 am

Finally, somebody is thinking about the poor, deprived folks flying in economy class.

Created by Contour Aerospace Ltd Factorydesign in Britain, the “NFW (Not For Wimps)” seat was displayed at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. “NFW (Not For Wimps)” automatically conjures up all kinds of crazy ideas. Not For Wimps? It’s gotta be badass!

Actually, it’s just a light-concept chair built for gaming fanatics. Because we really do need people to be more glued to their video games. Nevertheless, the lightweight chair’s design features a large arc, a “bucket” seat, and a state-of-the-art monitor. Adam White, director of Factorydesign, says the chairs would equal considerate fuel savings for airlines because of their lightness.

Image: brianburk9/Flickr

Kinda like this.

In the theme of new airline seating concepts, Air New Zealand (apparently more eager than ever to draw new customers) has created the Economy Skycouch™. Built for traveling couples and families on long-haul flights, the Skycouch is essentially 3 Economy seats which are more flexible than regular seats: stretch out, sleep, or even let kids use the space as a play area.

We can’t help but think about Louis C.K.’s epic (and now famous) rant about a passenger he encounters on a flight who complains about the WiFi being down. Are we spoiled? “You’re sitting in a chair in the sky!” he says.


Just the same, it’s nice to know the little people in economy class haven’t been forgotten. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!


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