Live Like a Celeb: Spend $20,000 on Accommodations

Celebrity Travel, Travel News — By Candice Walsh on May 2, 2011 at 9:39 am

If you’ve got a spare $20,000, you could live like a celebrity too!

Oprah and Eric Clapton like to chill out in Antigua, while billionaire Francois Pinault prefers Ibiza. Beyonce and Jay-Z, however, like to rent Paris’ Le Meurice for $20,000/night. Sacre bleu!

You might be thinking, who cares? Haven’t we seen enough frivolous spending with the Royal Wedding? Who really cares that Kate Middleton stayed at London’s Goring Hotel the day before she became a bride? But don’t you really just want to know what $20,000 a night could get you if you were famous, instead of perhaps having to use it to just pay off a credit card?

At Le Meurice, you can get a penthouse suite overlooking the Tuileries. Two-storeys with a private elevator, glass-enclosed dining room, kitchen, and even a personal studio are all made available for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Those are the only details we get, however. We would expect at least solid gold toilets.

Image: Rob the moment/Flickr

Another favourite among celebs like Madonna and Jim Carry: The Lanesborough Royal Suite in London. It’s a 250-year old renovated hospice, and the suite has floor to ceiling windows, three bedrooms, a drawing room, a study, a personal butler, and more…for $14,338USD a night. You’ll even have a bit of pocket change left over.

If you want to extend your dollar a little further, you can actually rent out Paris Hilton’s fully-furnished, 3.9-million dollar home in Las Angeles for $20,000/month. You’ll even get Paris’ black-and-white portraits thrown in as a bonus!

If you’re more of a high-roller, you can also just rent the whole country of Lichtenstein for 40,000GBP per night.

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