7 Unexpectedly Nice Places to be Buried, Drowned, or Otherwise Disposed Of

Featured — By Rachel Greenberg on July 11, 2011 at 7:00 am

3. Neptune Memorial Reef – Miami, Florida

Image: Elkman/Flickr

Swimming with the fishes might not be everyone’s idea of a great way to leave one’s body behind. But having our remains encased in concrete and lovingly placed in an underwater city? Doesn’t really seem so bad to us. Opened in 2007, Neptune Memorial Reef is a complete underwater cemetery, 40 feet down. It also serves as a man-made reef that supports natural fish habitats.

Although friends and family members often visit their deceased scuba-diving loved ones there, it also draws celeb stalkers (of sorts): the Guinness World Record oldest diver is interred in a prime spot on the memorial reef.

The reef is open to all scuba divers – even if you’re not in mourning or celeb stalking.

Image: Elkman/Flickr

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  • KRS says:

    Although The Bone Church looked kinda morbidly fascinating, I think I’d go with the last one, The Sky Burial. What a way to go back into nature!

  • mark says:

    Turned into a reef would be ok, after all I am dead and what ever happens with my body just does not matter.


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