5 Competitions Worth the Travel

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on August 3, 2011 at 10:30 am

People do a lot of quirky things to make a name for themselves. Although they’re decidedly not our cup of tea, we can only imagine how far they have to go to enter these, ahem, unique competitions.

Bee Swarming: Recently, two beekeepers by the names of Lu kongjiang and Wang Dalin competed to find out who can attract the most bees in the Hunan province of China. Wang came out on top, attracting a swarm weighing 26 kilograms in an hour, while Lu gathered a swarm just under 23 kilograms. Still, it doesn’t beat out Guinness Book of Records holder Mark Biancaniello who broke all records with a weigh-in of 39.5 kilograms of bees.

Image: whataphotos.com

Pig Racing: In some places, you can literally race your pig around an oval track, like greyhounds. Sometimes they have names like Shakin Bacon or Sty Stallone. We wish we were making that up.

Image: pdbreen/Flickr

Sauna World Championships: Held in Heinola, Finland each year, the contest measures how long people can stay in a sauna where temperatures may exceed 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Last year, a Russian competitor named Vladimir Ladyzhenskiy collapsed with severe burns and later died. Word on the street is that this competition will no longer be held. Sounds like it is for the better.

Extreme Ironing: Yep, it exists…who says housework is boring? The sport apparently “combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.” Contestants take an ironing board to a remote location, like a mountain top or the bottom of the ocean, and then attempt to remove the wrinkles. It can also be done while bungee jumping.

Image: b1ue5ky/Flickr

Baby Jumping: It’s exactly what you think it is: jumping over babies. During the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi each year, the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia hosts a Baby Jumping Festival.

Image: odditycentral.com

A man dressed as the devil makes a running leap over mattresses covered with babies, which is meant to protect kids from illnesses while guarding them from evil spirits. We don’t really know what happens if the devil doesn’t make it, but we can only guess there’s a lot of angry mothers.

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