China Subway Takes Commute From Boring to Kick-Ass

Travel News — By Alex Resnik on August 22, 2011 at 2:10 pm

If you or somebody you know has ever been waiting for the evening train home for more than, say, ten minutes, you’ve probably been stricken by a condition that affects millions of commuters every day: boredom. Symptoms of boredom include an urge to pace back and forth, a blank, glassy stare, and a marked loss of interest in activities you might have once enjoyed, like playing Angry Birds.

Image: Treehugger/Flickr

Never fear, however, because transportation researchers around the globe are making progress in the elimination of boredom every day, and a recent breakthrough from China offers hope: platform-mounted punching bags. Commuters at a Shanghai subway station are encouraged to hook, jab, and roundhouse kick those rush-hour doldrums away at oversized boxing bags.

Although we’d like to believe that this is a clever ploy on the part of Chinese urban planners to give tired and stressed workers a chance to vent, it’s actually a marketing stunt by Adidas, whose slogan printed on the bags invites commuters to “come and have some punch!” Hey, we’ll take it.


The subway doesn’t have to be a bore, and cities around the world are chipping in to re-imagine public transportation in fun and quirky ways. Just check out the playground slide entrance to one subway station in the Netherlands, Stockholm’s musical stairway,  or the swings installed on a San Francisco BART train.

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