Debt-Ridden Greece to Rent Out Priceless Landmarks for Cash

Culture/History, Travel News — By christinegarvin on January 23, 2012 at 3:42 pm

Just in time for wedding season, Greece is set to start renting out its most prized ancient sites. Yep, we may soon see the Acropolis as a backdrop for upcoming movie star nuptials or in an action scene in the next Arnold Schwarzenegger comeback flick (if we’re lucky).

Things are so bad in the country, which has endured escalating debt for the last five years, that they have decided to open up these sites in order to help pay for their upkeep (and maybe to pay off some of their debt). We’re sure Hollywood is rubbing its hands together mischievously as we speak.

Image: dorena-wm/Flickr

Archaeologists and historians, as you can imagine, aren’t quite as happy.

For those of you in the landmark-rental-market who want sites geared toward luxury accommodations, there’s always castles and manors to rent in France. Don’t forget about the possibility of a house party in a Scottish castle or having a sleepover in a baroque convent in Italy.

None of those quite match the Parthenon, we know. Yet after so many years of safeguarding their profound historical landmarks, it’s sad that Greece has to choose this avenue. But we don’t think it has many options – Greece owes a 14.5 billion Euro bond repayment come March 20th. Scraping under the coach cushions isn’t going to cover that one.

We just hope whoever has enough cash to rent the landmarks out treats them right so that they’re still standing for another thousand years.

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