Hotel Where Whitney Houston Died Already Added to LA “Dearly Departed” Tour

Travel News — By christinegarvin on February 24, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Want to add an especially creepy tour option to your next LA trip? We’ve got just the one for you.

Never one to wait the appropriate amount of grieving time, one of the “famous people” tours almost immediately included to their list the hotel where Whitney Houston recently passed, the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is now a part of the Dearly Departed – The Tragical History Tour, according to the Daily Mail.

The owner of the company,¬†Scott Michaels, apparently noted that, “when (Houston’s) 911 call becomes available, we’ll use that.” Now that’s what we call integrity.

Image: Marie-Joelle-Parent/Flickr

Besides the place where Houston was found unconscious in the bathtub, what other famous people and places make the tragic list? Well, Michael Jackson’s house, of course. Elizabeth Taylor’s home. And yes, they cover the gruesome details behind each death. Nice.

They’ve also got some not-yet-dearly-departed celebs on the list, including John Edwards and the famous hotel where a photo was snapped of him meeting his mistress.

Apparently 14,000 people have taken the Tragical History Tour since it began about five and a half years ago. What is it about death – and particularly famous people’s deaths – that so intrigues us?

Michaels says that, “When people hear audio from such cases, it jars them into recognition that these are genuine individuals.”

Oh right, that’s what it’s all about. This might be one quirky tourist offering we would pass on. Would you take the tour?


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