Ultimate Pet-Friendly Hotel: W in Scottsdale, AZ Offers Dog Yoga

Offbeat, Travel News — By christinegarvin on February 29, 2012 at 4:36 pm

Your dog’s body deserves to remain as limber as yours, right? Or so the managers of the W Hotel in Scottsdale believe, it seems.

According to Hotel Chatter, every first Tuesday of the month at 7pm, the courtyard of the hotel fills up with yoga mats and downward-dog-loving doggies.

But this monthly event isn’t just for the dogs. Besides helping their pets get into the different positions, dog owners also get to hang out at the open bar nearby while the canines have some social time with each other. Aww, how nice.

Image: dogulove/Flickr

Don’t forget that yoga is only one perk the W offers to pets. If you stay the night with your little furry one, they get a treat, a toy, W Hotels pet tag, and clean-up bag. Rooms equipped for pets also have W pet bed,¬†food (which we’re sure is higher quality than Kibbles and Bits), and a water bowl with floor mat. All for the bargain price of just $20 more a night (and…a non-refundable $100 cleaning fee).

As you can imagine, the W isn’t the only hotel out there that offers interesting pet amenities. The Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood offered a special to guests with doggies a couple of years ago: a bone-shaped ceramic dog bowl to take home.

But if you’re staying in a hotel that you think won’t be quite as welcoming to your dog, there’s always the premium pet amenity kit from MANKINDdog, which includes a, “cuddly doggie blanket, three yummy doggie biscuits wrapped in a signature bandana, a ‘scoop’ water/food bowl, a coffee mug, a pen, doggie waste bags, a MANKINDdog bracelet, and a ‘Woof’ door hanger”, all for only $19.95.

It’s good to know our pets can both travel in style and get their yogic exercises in.



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