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Planking Take 2: The Best of Europe

Planking Take 2: The Best of Europe August 4, 2011 | Offbeat, Travel News | Read More
The planking adventure continues for travelers around the world. Forget Plankin’ in the USA, this round features the Best of Europe. The breathtaking cliffs of Ireland’s mountain ranges, the busy city streets of France and Germany stand no chance against “planksters” for this...

The Reverse Rapture Pooch

The Reverse Rapture Pooch May 26, 2011 | Kid-Friendly, Offbeat, Travel News, Travel Safety, Travel Tips | Read More
A week after the scheduled end-of-the-earth, one unlucky dog named May literally fell from the sky north of Vancouver. Although it’s not totally clear how this happened, it’s assumed the pooch was swooped up by an eagle only to be let go once the eagle realized the dog wouldn’t make...