Fine Dining In Amsterdam – The Silver Mirror

Five Star, Food, Romantic — By Anna Bandurska on October 4, 2010 at 8:36 pm

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience in Amsterdam, I highly recommend visiting De Silveren Spiegel (The Silver Mirror) in the heart of the old city center.

One of my biggest complaints about restaurants in Amsterdam is that the quality of service is often poor. Coming from America, where service is based on a tipping culture and servers do their best to ensure a good experience for customers, I am used to a high level of friendly and fast service.

In Amsterdam, however, this is not the case. Service is incredibly slow, and servers are often times forgetful. However, since having to work for tips is not a concern, there is no pressure on the servers to ensure a high customer turnover, and one of the resulting benefits is that you can take your time enjoying your dinging experience.

De Silveren Spiegel, however, breaks the mold and provides excellent European cuisine with even better service. Best of all, the servers are very knowledgeable on the building’s history, and you can learn some fascinating tidbits about the house you’re dining in. Not only will you hear about the house at the the height of the Golden Age, when it was the home of the Mayor of Amsterdam – you will also hear about the more modern role it played as a safe house for Jews during WWII.

Since the house was built in 1614, it contains many of the features that are traditionally Dutch, such as the Delft Blue tiles around the fireplace, and a Brown Bar near the entrance.

Getting to De Silveren Spiegel is incredibly easy as its in the heart of the old town, walking distance from many visitor hotspots such as Centraal Station and the Red Light District. It is also on the edge of the canal belt, and if you walk around the area, you will notice that you are in one of Amsterdam’s other mini Red Light Districts.

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