Going to the Movies in Amsterdam

Romantic, Things to Do — By Anna Bandurska on October 9, 2010 at 2:17 am

Amsterdam is a busy European metropolitan, and major Hollywood releases will be waiting for you at one of the city’s main theaters.  Movies are rarely released in the Netherlands at the same time as in the US (occasionally being released up to two months before or after their American release date), but there is rarely a film that doesn’t make it to Amsterdam at all.

The Pathe cinema chain owns most of the theaters in the Netherlands, including two of Amsterdam’s most popular theaters.  Pathe De Munt is located in Muntplein, and is like any major American theater: multiple screens, big halls and comfortable seats.  This is your best bet to see the latest Hollywood release, as they have a lot of screens and show times.

Your second bet for major releases is the Pathe Tuschinski, located near Rembrandtplein and just a few houses down from the Pathe De Munt.  As a bonus, the Tuschinski is the most spectacular theater in the city, and you should add it to your list of spots to visit even if you’re not planning on watching a movie.  The main theater is a spectacular Art Deco masterpiece, and you can walk into the lobby without buying a ticket. If you want to see a movie in the beautiful Egyptian themed main screening hall, make sure you buy tickets for the movie screening in Zaal 1 (Hall 1).  It plays most of the biggest releases, and on some nights has assigned seating, so ask when purchasing your tickets.  The theater has been expanded and now engulfs the surrounding buildings, but the other halls are much smaller and modern in style.

If you’re looking to see something different, the Kriterion plays more obscure films, including art films and international releases (double check that international films come with English subtitles before you buy your ticket).  The theater is rather minimal in decor and attracts a young university crowd because of its proximity to the University of Amsterdam.

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, going to the movies may not be at the top of your list. But considering it rains a lot, going to the movies may be a fun and cultural experience.

Tuschinski movie theater