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Lemoni bookshop in Thission, Iraklidon 22, is a must see on your route through this historical neighborhood of Athens. Favored by intellectuals and artists, this small friendly shop offers a selected choice of art objects, ranging from handmade notebooks to metal bookmarks, classic music CDs and DVDs from famous international ballet and opera performances. Art exhibitions are often held in this space, with works from well known painters and engravers. Free coffee is a bonus!

Eleftheroudakis bookshops are a focal point for book lovers in Athens, with stores in central Athens, the international airport, many neighborhoods and also other cities of Greece. Ultra modern and with a huge selection of books, on every subject imaginable, from cooking to psychology, and a separate section with English language literature, guidebooks and maps. Don’t miss the gift shop with original objects from emerging artists at the newly inaugurated central store on Panepistimiou 11.

Papasotiriou bookshops are favorites for those interested in art, photography, architecture, science, offering a wide selection of books on these subjects, but also contemporary fiction and a special department with the latest editions in English language books. Elegant and up to date, these bookshops with many sales points, from the airport to cities all over Greece, combine tradition with contemporary style and all round information.

“Evripidis in the Gallery” A. Papandreou 11, Chalandri, is situated on four floors in a building of 850 sq mt. designed to offer  a modern but cozy environment, similar to a library. A fully organized international bookstore, books on art, travel guides and maps, economy and management, coffee table books  and a special department for children. The friendly cafe is an inviting  quiet corner to enjoy coffee or drinks with free WIFI connection. Exhibitions, literary and musical evenings, and reading clubs  are organized often in the premises.

Infognomon bookstore  on Filellinon 14, very near Syntagma, is the  place to purchase travel guides, maps and books about Greece, from literature to cooking. The selection of original postcards and souvenirs with historical interest are perfect for small gifts to take home. A special selection has been made with fiction based in Greece by foreign authors, offering a unique experience of knowing more about the country and the people and also translations of contemporary and classic Greek authors. Don’t miss the excellent photograph albums with views from the most beautiful places all over the country.








Libro is a small, boutique bookshop in Kolonaki, Patriarchou Ioakim 8, with a devoted clientele. You can find selected books in English, art and coffee table books  and a wide range of ideas for small gifts, like agendas, notebooks, leather bound miniature books, vintage diaries, calendars, designer pocket notebooks and stationary.  

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