Free Things to do in Bali

Things to Do, Travel Tips — By ntjhin on September 28, 2011 at 8:38 am

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Visit the Temples
The island of the Gods is home to several sensational temples. These temples are full of history and culture, and several are also home to some of the most stunning landscape in the whole of Bali. The Uluwatu Temple is perched atop a jutting cliff on the south-western edge of Bali, a great place to enjoy a magical sunset or sunrise. The area is unfortunately infested with monkeys, so be sure to take extra precautions. The Tanah Lot Temple is located on top of a rock in the sea, which means that one can only walk to it during low-tide. During the high-tide, the swarming sea covers up the pathway leading to the temple, giving rise to one of the most iconic images of Bali – the setting sun at Tanah Lot. Other than these two temples, there are numerous other temples worth visiting. Generally, the temples are free for the public to enter. However, there are several temples in which one must be properly covered to be able to enter. If you are not wearing a proper attire, you may need to rent a sarong to cover up your body.

Go to the Beach
Naturally, going to the beach is without a doubt something that one will do when in Bali. However, there are quite a few beaches in Bali that are worth visiting, instead of the usual tourist center of Kuta and Sanur. The DreamLand beach is simply magical, with powerful waves breaking in perfectly for wake-boarders. The northern-most Lovina beach is home to dolphins and other unique activities. There are also various other beach points each with its own distinct characteristics, be it a great place for surfing to a quiet relaxing beach perfect for honeymooners.

Discover Your Hidden Artist
Bali is home to numerous arts and craftsmen peppered throughout the island. One can spend a good amount of time taking in the view through Bali’s numerous art galleries, where paintings of local artists grace the walls. Sculpture and furniture is also a big industry in Bali, and you can head to various workshops to see for yourself how these artists create a stunning piece from scratch, be it wooden or stone sculpting. Finally, there are also numerous silver and gold workshops which one can visit to hunt for bargains and jewelries.