Urban Legend – A Special Room for Nyi Roro Kidul

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Nyi Roro Kidul is a legendary folklore that is popular within the local community of Java and Bali. Her title translates to Queen of Southern Sea, and she is believed to be the mythical ruler of southern sea. The fishermen community around the southern sea of Java will celebrate and perform yearly rituals as an offering to the Queen to grant them safe passage and for a better living. This ritual is done throughout the Southern Beach of Java, from Cilacap to Pangandaran, Sakawayana and so on. Tourists and locals that are visiting the south beach are also warned not to wear green-colored clothing, as the Queen has a preference for this color and legend has it that she will call on the sea to claim those wearing green to be herĀ  servant.

In the island of Bali, this legend is taken further and hotel owners located in the southern beach will always provide a special room for the Queen. The most famous of these are Room 327 and room 2401 at Hotel Grand Bali Beach. Room 327 was the only room that did not burn during a large fire back in January 1993. Since then following the renovation, both rooms are always reserved and kept empty, and furnished with green-colored decor as well as daily prayers and offerings. A similar procedure is also done at Samudra Beach Hotel (Room 308) and Queen of the South Hotel (Room 33).

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