Cold Front Brings Cold Temperatures, Snow to Bangkok

Events — By Kevin Revolinski on April 1, 2011 at 12:09 am

In what experts are calling an event “equivalent to hell freezing over,” Bangkok sees its first snowfall in at least several thousands of years. Traffic went from a near standstill to a complete standstill Friday as icy Siberian winds pushed south through China to leave Bangkok residents desperate for jumpers and mukluks.

Fearful of hypothermia and H1N1 outbreaks, some Bangkok residents gathered in local cinemas for warmth, while late-night revelers sought shelter for longer than 20 minutes in -5 Ice Bar which has canceled its all-you-can-drink Absolut offer effective immediately.

Wat Thefak with a fluffy covering of white in a recent Thai blizzard.

Experts, who had failed to foresee this drastic change in the weather, predict the weather will eventually become very hot. “We’re just not sure when. But this can’t last forever, right? Right???” Pulling out weather cliches, Thai meteorologist Sai Nattastorm stated, “It’s Bangkok. If you don’t like the weather, er, just wait twenty minutes.”

Bangkok residents hold on tight and eat tom yam for warmth amid growing concerns that squirt guns will not function properly in the upcoming Songkran Festival and the Thai New Year’s event may be postponed until a warmer year.

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