American Style Brunch In The Raval

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Barcelona ticks most of the boxes when it comes to dining. You can pretty much find any type of food, style of restaurant, bar or tapas joint and they’re even starting to get the hang of take out and delivery. However one culinary niche that the city’s having a hard time figuring out  is the brunch menu. The whole Sunday morning, greasy spoon, eggs and bacon culture has yet to take off in Barcelona, much to many people’s dismay, especially North Americans. So when you do find a place that serves more than croissants and cortados you’ve got to check it out.

Recently opened by two Australians, Federal Cafe is a new found haven for brunch lovers. This two storey, spacious, well lit restaurant is on the edge of the Raval and Eixample neighborhoods on calle Parlament and is fast becoming ‘the place to be’, especially on Sundays. In the summer the windows on the first floor come off and tables are placed on the patio outside so one person can sit inside the restaurant and another just across from them, creating a bit of a bar like atmosphere. They also have an incredible rooftop patio, which gets sun most of the day. The tables are large and upstairs there’s a few cushiony chairs and benches for those who want to stay a while with their laptops and enjoy the free wifi.

As for the food…it’s delicious! Their scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast is a signature dish, as well as their pastries which are all made in house. They serve fresh squeezed juice and best of all, for coffee lovers, there’s the usual sized Cafe Americano, or you can opt to supersize it ‘Spanish style’ and order an extra large, which is hard to find in coffee shops in Barcelona.

If you’ve been combing the city for a good brunch place, look no further than the Raval. This is truly the best brunch experience in Barcelona. The earlier you go the better, especially on Sundays because it gets packed.

The restaurant is located on calle Parlament 39.

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