Barcelona’s Best Christmas Markets

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As the holidays approach Barcelona’s markets (which set up shop on December 1st) become even more packed with locals, expats as well as tourists looking for a few Catalan souvenirs. It’s one of the most electric times of  year in the city and no matter which area you’re in there’s sure to be a lively and busy Christmas market, or two. Some are bigger than others but they all offer the few staple items; Caga Tios (a log with a friendly face) and Caganers, little statues with their pants down, both of which are meant to bring good luck.

Caga Tio - Friendly Logs for Good Luck

Some notable markets to explore include:

Fira de Santa Llucia

Very easily, Barcelona’s most popular and classic Christmas market, it’s situated in the Gothic Quarter right in front of the Cathedral. The area is lined with rows of stalls selling trees, ornaments, gifts and plenty of original Catalan as well as Spanish Christmas paraphernalia. There is a section of the market called ‘Artesania’, which sells a variety of hand-made items including jewelry, toys and leather goods.

Mercat Gotic

Situated at the top of Portal De L’Angel shopping district, the Mercat Gotic is a small, antique market that is open year-round, however during the holidays it turns into a Christmas bizarre primarily selling ‘classic goodies’ such as postcards, ornaments, stamps and jewelry.

Mostra d’Artesans De La Ribera

As you walk into the Born neighborhood you’ll pass this small, boutique style market which sells slightly ‘classier’ and higher quality merchandise than some of Barcelona’s other, more rustic markets. It’s a great place to begin your holiday shopping as once you pass the stalls you can continue into the Born where there are plenty of quaint and charming stores with one of a kind items.



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