Top Places to Take a Date in Beijing

Romantic — By Lauren Johnson on December 6, 2010 at 8:36 am

Dating in Beijing is a breeze, especially with the wonderful selection of romantic bars, restaurants and dancing venues. You can literally and figuratively sweep your loved one off her feet with these fancy moves in Beijing.

First, you’ll want to warm up your date with a pre-dinner drink. Only a noob starts a date off with dinner. A little liquid confidence never hurt anyone’s game. The pre dinner drink is all important. You’ll want to show that you are culturally aware, suave and attentive to feminine needs. Aka, don’t take her to a sports bar or any place you normally hang out. No woman is impressed when their date knows the waitress. Consider a cultural area where you can easily meet at the bar. She’ll like this. Nanluoguxiang has a wonderful selection of intimate and cozy bars and cafes. Make sure you pick one with a wine and cocktail list in case she isn’t a beer drinker. This sends the message that you know the city, know what women want and can introduce her to new things and new areas. You’ve already made it onto her good side with this smooth move.

Next you’ll want to keep the conversation going by asking her to join you for dinner. Have a cozy and romantic place already picked out, a reservation would make you look especially organized and efficient. For a romantic date, consider 1001 Nights, a Mediterranean restaurant that offers delicious foods and live belly dancing entertainment that is done in a professional (read: not sleazy) way. The food is so fantastic that she’ll be impressed with your culinary prowess, while the music and entertainment provide something to talk about should conversation wane.

After dinner, your spirits will be high from the fun dancing and pre dinner drink. Round the night off nicely with an offer of desert at a ‘small little place you know.’ This place will end up being Coldstone Creamery. Most women know and love this place (unless they are diabetic or lactose intolerant) and finding one in China makes you a prince. Located in Sanlitun near the bar area, if the date is going well you can easily grab a DVD and head back to your palce to watch it together or else continue the night with a drink at one of the many bars in the Sanlitun Village.

If your date went well, consider really wowing her by taking her on a second date in Shanghai. Overnight trains make this a real possibility and make you the guy who really showed her a great weekend. Here’s how to impress her in Shanghai!

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