Beijing Winter Weather

What's New — By Lauren Johnson on January 3, 2011 at 6:00 am

Beijing is cold! It’s freezing. It’s the coldest it has been in years. And when its freezing outside, the sites suffer. Over the past week, Beijing’s hottest tourist sites are all but abandoned. Visiting the Great Wall of China in the middle of a cold spell means you’ll have the wall entirely to yourself. You’ll get clear pictures without other tourists in them. You’ll get clean, clear shots of a crisp blue sky, very little pollution either noise or air. In short, a visit to some of Beijing’s hottest spots in winter can be downright enjoyable! You’ll be king of the sites!

The Forbidden City is another amazing Beijing attraction better enjoyed in winter. You’ll find more clear shots for your pictures, fewer lines, fewer vendors shoving trinkets under your nose. In addition, the sky can be so clear in winter, and the trees aren’t shading the beautiful red walls, casting shadows over your enjoyment of the once forbidden city. In the summer, you’ll have to wait in line, shove your way into small rooms and wait to peek into tiny windows. In winter, you can stroll right in, you can even take your time.

Tiananmen Square is another such tourist spot better enjoyed in winter. Summer brings lines, hefty security and the trees block your view of the surrounding buildings. In winter, the wind picks up the barrage of read flags and sends them flapping around in the wind in full, crisp and clear view. Its unmistakably the best time to visit the square.

Even walking around Sanlitun Village in winter is more enjoyable. You won’t have to fight the crowds and sneaking into a great coffee shop or satisfying your sweet tooth is easy since the village can keep you warm, keep you full and keep you returning time and again to your favorite Beijing expat village.

~Shanghai is a Great Tourist Spot in Winter, as well! Check it out!

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