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Free Wi-Fi in Beijing

Free Wi-Fi in Beijing March 15, 2012 | free | Read More
Getting online in China is easy. In fact, despite common misconceptions, getting online is sometimes easier in China than in the Western world because of the large number of internet cafes that dot the country. In order to use a computer at an internet cafe you need to register at the front desk with...

Beijing’s Top City Publications

Beijing’s Top City Publications December 20, 2010 | free | Read More
It is easy to find information about Beijing once you arrive, even if you do forget your Lonely Planet guide book on the airplane. If you haven’t already, try the NileGuide trip planner tool. This allows you to make an online itinerary (can’t leave that on the airplane!) that you can customize...

Budget Fun in Beijing

Budget Fun in Beijing October 8, 2010 | free, Things to Do | Read More
If you are visiting China’s capital city, Beijing, to see the sites, meet the people and interact with a country on the brink of extreme change and development, than you are in the right place to learn a great deal without spending a bundle. Here’s how to see the city and experience the people...

Contemporary Art in Beijing

Contemporary Art in Beijing August 19, 2010 | free, Things to Do, What's New | Read More
The artistic tradition in China has a long history, but some of the most interesting art is the one being produced right now. Although China may be renowned more for its harsh censorship laws than tradition of artistic freedom, Beijing proves that art needn’t be overt in order to be meaningful. The...
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