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Bogota’s Creative Urban Artwork

Bogota’s Creative Urban Artwork March 9, 2012 | Things to Do | Read More
Any visitor to Bogota will notice that beneath the tangle of tags and flyers pasted on the walls of the city that there is a true wealth of interesting political graffiti scattered about. So popular has viewing of this urban artwork become that there are even walking tours in the colonial Candelaria...

Free Things to Do in Bogota

Free Things to Do in Bogota July 7, 2011 | Things to Do, Travel Tips | Read More
There may be nothing more boring than the lone traveller, ensconced in one corner of your hostel’s communal area, moaning about the cost of living and enjoying life in the city or place that you’re visiting. Travel doesn’t have to be this way. The bores do not have to reign supreme and bring...