Boston’s Sushi Scene

Food — By jessicapolizzotti on October 20, 2011 at 9:15 am

There’s no shortage of sushi in Boston, but there are few places that do sushi really well on a consistent basis. Not wanting to get sick from eating raw fish, I typically choose from a very short, very select list of favorites that has grown based on recommendations from friends I trust. I started with one and now have five sushi “must tries” in the Boston area.


Photo by stevendepolo/flickr

  1. Fugakyu in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner has been my favorite since it opened 12 years ago. Everything is perfectly prepared, and their  fun variations of rolls, which use their  super fresh fish, are served in your setting of choice: private booth, tatami room, a table or simply at the sushi bar.
  2. For amazing take-out order at Oishii Sushi Bar. Located in Chestnut Hill, this tiny sushi joint serves up the freshest fare and is accustomed to packing it to go. With only a small sushi bar and a few tables, Oishii is set up for take-out service.
  3. The crisp clean lines of Douzo’s modern digs sets it apart from its peers and provides diners with some great options when it comes to combos for a crowd. It is also priced right; no dropping your whole paycheck here.
  4. O Ya is a fabulous, fancy sushi joint that is classy and expensive but worth every penny. Even with its sky high prices, reservations can be hard to come by.
  5. Misono in West Roxbury has some of the most creative rolls and sushi appetizers around. I’m a huge fan of the Hurricane Roll, their most popular for a reason, this roll has the perfect balance of sweet, savory and salty to satisfy almost any sushi craving.
Get your chopsticks ready, prepare your wasabi and dine at any of my fave five for guaranteed great sushi.




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