Packing for a Winter in Boston

Travel Tips — By jessicapolizzotti on October 24, 2011 at 8:44 pm

Snow Boston

If you don’t like the weather in Boston, don’t worry, it will change. As a Boston “lifer” this is a phrase I have heard often. Boston weather is fickle, baffling even the best weathermen and women with its sudden changes, leading to many inaccurate forecasts. With all this weather turmoil, how can you possibly pack to visit this city? Pack layers and lots of them. Temperatures range from mild (40’s) to below freezing (single digits) from December-March, with January and February bringing in the coldest of days. In any given week you could easily encounter a bright sunny day and a blizzard., so be prepared for anything.

I typically fall back on the following for my daily winter wardrobe: jeans, a t-shirt under a sweater, a scarf and a warm winter, windproof coat (think down parka or ski shell). I keep gloves in all of my coat pockets to protect my hands from freezing off. Even on the most mild winter days, the wind could chill your fingers to an uncomfortable level of cold that penetrates your body; thus, ruining the day you planned. Be sure to protect your piggies with warm socks (the breathable variety) or pull out your comfy, lined boots to keep the heat where it should be-in your body. Top off your look with a hat and you are ready for whatever weather Boston chooses to send your way.

Photo Courtesy of Robert S. Donovan/flickr

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