A Chocolate Lover’s Tour of Boston

What's New — By jessicapolizzotti on February 4, 2012 at 10:01 am

Courtesy of Boston's Original Chocolate Tour

Imagine a day filled exploring Boston landmarks while sampling some of the best desserts the city has to offer. Indulge your inner chocolate lover  on Boston’s Original Chocolate Tour. This three stop, three hour trolley adventure is by far one of the most indulgent days you’ll ever have.

Starting the moment you set foot on the the trolley you are welcomed by tour conductors and character chefs who provide trolley travelers with tantalizing treats from local chocolate legends like NECCO and Beacon Hill Chocolates.

Stopping first at the Top of the Hub, 52 floors above Boston in the Prudential Center, you’ll be treated to tastes of chocolate that are sure to surprise. Enjoy every bite, as well as the view that surrounds you because the sweets and the 360 degree panorama that you’ll meet are simply spectacular . After you’re through hop back aboard and be ready to head to the the home of Boston’s namesake dessert. America’s oldest hotel, The Omni Parker House, is where you’ll find a perfect rendition of a classic, the Boston Cream Pie. There is one last stop that completes this chocolate adventure, and there is no better place for this tour to end than the Langham Hotel. Famous for their Saturday Chocolate Bar, you know the desserts they serve to the chocolate tour will be beyond your expectations.

Running twice a day, on Saturdays, the chocolate tour is not cheap, ( $80/per person) but more than worth it for the food you’ll eat, the sights you’ll see and the company you’ll keep.