Bryce Canyon Records Most Visitors in 2010

Travel Tips, What's New — By julietrevelyan on January 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm

The hoodoo-filled Bryce Canyon got a passel of visitors in 2010: 1,782,333, to be exact. Not too shabby for this lovely, off the beaten path park.

Get thee to Bryce Canyon this year and see for yourself why so many people love to love it. Hike Navajo Loop, drive to Fairyland Point and goggle at the views, let your kid become a Junior Ranger, ride a horse on the Peekaboo Loop. Looking for the easy hikes? Bryce has plenty of those. It’s a pretty sweet place overall.

[photo courtesy of CLightPictures/Flickr]

And if you fret all the descending hordes will detract from your wilderness experience, fear not. There are some semi-hidden spots that are still gorgeous but much less traveled.

Want to be really hip and cutting edge, explore Bryce-like scenery, and not have to step aside on the trail every few minutes to let another group pass? Head nine miles down the road from Bryce to Red Canyon. You’ll see why it’s fast-becoming less of a locals’ secret…

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