Critical Mass!

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Critical Mass Finish

What is it?

Huge crowds of cyclists swarming the inner city with the aim is of drawing attention to cycling and other alternative means of transport, asserting cyclist’s right to the road and promoting this healthy, fun, cheap and environmentally friendly way of getting about town. The idea originates from San Francisco, becoming very popular in Budapest with an international record of 32,000 participants in 2006 and a grand total of 80,000 in 2008. In recent years cycling has become something of a trend in Budapest, and even the less sporty layer of the city’s population have taken it upon themselves to mount their retro city bikes they supped up after years left rusting in the garage. The Critical Mass rides have become a status symbol of sorts, and a fun day out with the comforting idea of supporting the noble cause of a healthy life style. After the ride across town, bikes are raised by the masses, drinks are drunk and good times are had. Great fun!

Crowd at the Finish

When is it?

Date: April 30th

Start: 4pm at Vérmező (Buda)

End: 6:30pm at City Park (Pest)

Critical Mass Finish

How it’s done

Cyclists gather at the starting point and make their way along the designated rout. The crowd gathered at the finish will then raise their bikes in unison marking the end of the ride.

Rout: Vérmező – Chain Bridge – Pest – City Park

Rules to abide by: No cycling on tramway tracks, follow traffic rules, no alcohol, and reflector on bike is compulsory.

For more info check out the Critical Mass home page. Enjoy!

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  • Leanne Pittsford says:

    Are these still happening. I am from SF and in Budapest for a few weeks and would love to check this out.


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