Vegetarian Dining in Meat-Eating Budapest

Food, What's New — By Gyongi Asztalos on February 14, 2012 at 8:42 pm

Finding a restaurant with even just a little more to offer than one vegetarian dish is a tough one in the capital of a country where every national dish is based on meat. And if it doesn’t contain meat, it will definitely contain something of animal origin, the most popular of which is lard. Vegetarians visiting Budapest will, in a few days, be bored to death of eating nothing more than fried cheese (their diet permit), eagerly awaiting departure in deprivation of fruit and veg. Such demands and the awakening desire of Hungarians to follow a more healthy diet have resulted in the opening of several restaurants that cater for vegetarians as well as the lovers of fresh and exotic foods. Below are three such restaurants, each with differing cuisines.

Fruccola Juice Café

Fruccola's salad bar from bird's eye view

A centrally located salad, juice and baguette bar also serving hot meals. Ingredients used come straight from local suppliers and the meat directly from countryside farms. The salad pick and mix is its main attraction, with a variety of toppings including cheese, fish and nuts to choose from. The hot soup of the day always delights with a surprising blend of spices. Breakfast specialties like yoghurt with honey and oat flakes, or the classic English breakfast, and delicacies such as butternut squash, spinach and walnut spaghetti are also on the menu. Fresh fruit juice is squeezed on the spot from fruits of your choice, with seasonal drinks including the winter hot ginger lemonade to warm spirits and tickle taste buds.

Fruccola fruits and baguettes

The interior has a homey feel with a selection of natural materials – mainly wood – used for furnishing and decoration. With smaller booths at the back and plugs scattered around, it is the perfect place for working out of the office, as well as a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends.


Vegetarian restaurant chain serving vegetarian dishes prepared according to traditional Indian recipes whilst including aspects of reform cooking to provide a characteristic combination of tastes and textures. No more than six flavours are combined in various ways, in accordance with the science of Ayurveda (science of healthy living), to provide a balance of nutritious foods necessary for the body paired with an immaculate harmony of flavours. 20 types of hot meals await guests, as well as a salad bar and non-alcoholic cocktail selection. With an ever-changing menu, regulars have no time to get bored!

Govinda (Photo courtesy of: Os Rúpias)

Two restaurants can be found in Budapest, one on the Buda and the other on the Pest side. With a no-alcohol and non-smoking policy, the restaurants provide a peaceful, healthy atmosphere.

Hummus Bar

A chain of vegetarian restaurants with a menu centered on chick peas and hummu bringing the flavours of the Middle East to Budapest. Serving hearty portions of nutritious dishes of a large variety with an optional side of pita or laffa bread, you will be left full to the brim whilst treating your body to the care it deserves. Refreshing dinks such as peppermint lemonade are the perfect complement. The kitchen prepares all dishes in complete compliance with kosher rules and regulations, using fresh and carefully chosen ingredients.

Hummus Bar's laffa bread (Photo courtesy of:

There are three locations to choose from, each with a warm and welcoming, yet simple interior design. Home delivery service is also available.


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