Taxco Silver and Mexican Lindo Jewelry In Cabo

Things to Do, Travel Tips, What's New — By Chris Sands on May 26, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Santos Salinas opened the La Minita silver shop in the Plaza de los Mariachis eight years ago, and partner Ralph Benavidez came aboard three years later.  Together they run one of the best and most reliable silver shops in all of Los Cabos, with a superb collection of items fashioned from Taxco silver.  The Taxco mines, located about 100 miles southwest of Mexico City, produce about ninety percent of all silver jewelry worn in North and Central America, and provide the source material for most of the silver jewelry you see offered at Chanel, Tiffany’s, or David Yurman.  La Minita offers silver jewelry done in the Mexican Lindo style, a more traditional manner of jewelry design.

The shop enjoys its peak business during the tourist season from October to May, but also does well during the summer months due to repeat business and word of mouth from yearly visitors.  Business has remained quite steady either in spite of, or because of the fact that silver prices, like gold, have shot up dramatically over the past several years.  It is more expensive now, and it is also a better investment.  So it is no surprise that the inventory at La Minita is treated lovingly.  It takes six days to polish all the jewelry in the store, and since polishing is done every week, that means, like the painters who work on the Golden Gate Bridge, the sales staff at La Minita is involved in an ongoing task that never really ends.

Ralph Benavidez in front of La Minita.Photo courtesy of Vic Vertigo.

Silver jewelry, like cigars, are very popular items in Los Cabos, which is the reason there are so many fraudulent Cubans and fake silver bracelets floating around.  Like J&J Habanos for cigar aficionados, La Minita is one of the reliable go-to shops for genuine Taxco silver jewelry that will last a lifetime.  And unlike the vendors you find along the Malecon, who will start with an absurdly high figure and allow potential buyers to negotiate them down to practically nothing, Ralph and Santos set their prices fairly and rarely negotiate unless a customers is buying multiple pieces.  So if you’re looking for silver rings, bracelets, chains, or sets, this is one of the premier shops in town.

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