Brewing Beer like Big Rock

Food, Things to Do — By mattmcpherson on March 30, 2011 at 8:26 pm

South of Okotoks sits a big rock. It’s quite famous around this part of the world. So famous, in fact, it inspired the name of Calgary’s own beer company: Big Rock Brewery. This brewery produces some excellent quality beers, such as Big Rock Traditional Ale and Grasshopper. It’s a local favorite.

That’s why it’s so great that Heritage Park and Big Rock Brewery have partnered up to offer a course on beer making. Up next on April 7, this course is a two and a half hour intensive into the process of beer making, and it is taught by the Big Rock Brewmaster, Alan Yule. For $89.95 + GST per person, you are walked through the whole process, and after 4 weeks, you get a 500mL bottle of your own creation. This course runs from 6:30pm-9pm on a specified set of date (April 7, May 26, June 9 & 23). Registration must be done in advance. The workshop is hosted at the Heritage Park Big Rock Interpretive Brewery.

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